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A Wasted Gem

Yesterday I decided to visit a local part out and have one last look around for anything that may be of use or of value. I have been to this car about 4 times over the past 18 months to pick off little parts and pieces for my friends who have a hard time finding convertible parts.
Her final days before the crusher
Every time I go to this car I get a little sad. The owner of this 110k mile 1994 Black Emerald 5- speed convertible told me that several years ago the convertible top broke on the car (a common problem) and at which point he parked it. Instead of repairing or replacing the top he left it to rot in the corner of his used car parking lot. By his accounts the car ran fine and everything on the car was functional. Over the last two years I have seen this car slowly get picked clean. On previous visits I pulled pieces of the bone colored interior, climate pod, fog light buckets and random hardware pieces that I used in my restoration of BLAZTR.
On this visit there was nearly nothing left. The entire drivetrain, front crossmember, rear brakes and interior were removed. The owner of the car said that soon he would be taking it to the crusher once and for all. With that in mind I set out to grab any and all usable spares and parts that people may want. First I removed:
-NA Power Steering Resevoir
-Power steering line with working pressure switch (BLAZTR needs a new one)
-All fuses and relays from both fuse panels
-All light bulbs including tail lights and cluster
-Turn signal and cruise control switches
-Cruise control system in engine bay
-Dome light assembly
-Convertible up/down switch
At this point I couldn't think of anything else left to pull out, so I called the guru of Z32 convertibles, Joe Naldoldy. Over the phone on Facebook video Joe pointed out a couple of obscure parts that I wouldn't have known to pull. With his guidance I removed:
-fiberglass roof molding pieces that sit in front of roof seal
-Convertible trunk/top actuators that assist in moving the top
At this point I can't think of anything else to pull out. I wish I would have been able to find the car 2 years ago when it was first parked. Black Emerald is a really special color for a Z32, and bone white interiors look pretty cool if they are well kept.
Now the hunt for other part-outs continues. BLAZTR is always hungry for spare parts.

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