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BLAZTR Build: Corona Blues

Back in May during the height of the California COVID-19 Lockdown I got a little antsy and decided that BLAZTR was due for a few upgrades. As is typical with modified cars, the longer I had it apart the more parts I started to throw at it. What started with a simple powdercoat job for my Ashspec Z piping and replacement of AC condenser and compressor ended with a shopping cart of full high quality parts. 

While I had the engine stripped down with all of the piping out I upgraded to the CZP Full Flow oil kit with -8AN lines and a thermostatic pressure switch. 

AN Oil lines and GFB Recircs

Annoyed with my recirculation valves annoying goose honk I decided to upgrade to GoFastBits recirculation valves courtesy of SpecialtyZ. 

In July Blaster Z sales were doing good enough that I finally was able to justify purchasing the 99' Jspec front headlights. 

Around the same time I purchased a new OEM hood insulator from BlackHawk Japan and a full set of aluminum under shrouds from Zspeed Performance

My job with the Navy got a little hectic around mid summer, but I finally was able to get everything back together last week. I am in love with the look and function of the new headlights. The annoying goose honk from the recircs is long gone and life is good. There is not much left to do to finish off this build, other than Ralph Merlins T56 6-Speed swap and a proper big brake upgrade.  

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