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Junkyard Treasures: Red Slicktop

 A few weeks ago I received a tip from my friend in Los Angeles to go check out a newly received Z32 at my local LKQ pick a part in San Diego. My friend pointed out that the Z had a few parts on it that would might make it worth the trip. Of note was the appearance of Jspec corner lights and some sort of aftermarket shift knob. 

(The LKQ ad for how the slick top arrived to the yard.)

The next morning I was able to get out the yards and find the car. This 1992 Slicktop had roughly 200k miles on the odometer but its condition made it obvious to me that the previous owner(s) had taken great care of it. Slicktops being as rare as they are, I can't help wonder how or why this seemingly well kept car was going to be destined for the crusher. 


(A couple of goodies for my collection)

I was blessed to find the Jspec turn signals on the car as well as some of the most mint set of rear interior plastics I've yet to find. As I continued to look over the car I noticed a shifter that had black anodizing on it. Having never seeing a shifter like this, I messaged a Z32 guru and he told me that it was Stillen shifter. 

(Stillen Shifter Removed from the Slicky)

(Some fresh interior for BLAZTR)

While I was in the yard I was able to get in contact with a few folks around the country that were looking for slicktop parts.  I was able to get:

-Roof Headliner (Sold, to be used in 173/300 96' Slicktop)

-1/4 Window Plastics, A-Pillar weatherstripes, roof finisher (Sold for an East Coast Resto )

-Roof Moldings (Sent to TX for a resto)

-MINT hatch plastics for BLAZTR

-Tan Hatch Finisher for a friend on East Coast

-Some N/A PS components for a friend in FL.

-Tons of little screws, clips, and hardware for my spares stash.

(Some small pieces picked from 2 Z32s in the yard)

For those of you looking at photos of this car thinking that you are going to save it... Here are some photos I took after I watched someone take a Saw-Zall to the rear end.


Although its sad to see this one go, Its fortunate that I was able to grab some good parts from it and help some other folks get some good condition rare parts. 


"Staying Safe" with my mask. 


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