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Show and Go: Stroked and Boosted Z32 of Bahrain

In previous blogs I spoke of the origins of why I call myself Blaster Z. To catch you up, I am an active duty explosive ordnance disposal technician for the United States Navy. One the perks of the job is that I get to travel around the world and find myself in new and interesting places.

Thankfully I am currently assigned to the middle eastern country of Bahrain. For those who are not familiar Bahrain is an island nation to the East of Saudi Arabia situated on the central Arabian Gulf. Bahrain, a former British protectorate was long known for pearls that grow on the shoals surrounding the island. In recent history it has been known for its oil production and refinement and its role as headquarters for the US Navy in the Middle East. 

Due to Bahrain's affluence derived from the petroleum industry and its proximity to Saudi Arabia Bahrain is regarded somewhat as the "Sin City" of the Middle East with high end hotels, nightclubs, and entertainment venues. Also as a car lover Bahrain's wealth fuels a bustling car scene. 

As a lover of Z cars I searched social media for Z32 owners who live in Bahrain and was excited to meet some of the locals who love Z32s as much as I do. 

This week I visited with Ali Ebraham (Ali_Z300 on Instagram) and was lucky enough to lay eyes on his Z. Ali's US Spec 1991 300ZX arrived in Bahrain 13 years ago. Throughout the years Ali has modifying his Z to become a world class build. 

The first thing I noticed about this Z was his custom top mount turbo kit. This kit was custom fabricated here in Bahrain after a lot of careful consideration. In total Ali states that this kit took him and a friend about a year to get it to his liking. Bolted to this custom manifold setup Ali chose twin Greddy TD05s. 

Ali runs a front mount intercooler and large oil cooler in the center nose panel. Cooling is a huge factor in this climate where temperatures can reach in excess of 120* F.

Ali uses Haltech engine management and runs this build on 98 Octane pump gas that is available on island. On a previous dyno session he produced 555hp on 18PSI. This build is capable of much more power thanks to a custom nitrous setup, a beefed up shortblock that is stroked to 3.1L, full Tomei valvetrain, and custom ported heads.  

Ali says another dyno session is coming soon in which he plans to do a 70 shot of nitrous. 

Not only does this car move fast, it is also features a show condition paint job with all my favorite parts including Weld wheels and the essential JDM taillights. 

Ali and his friend Hasan told me that there is 15 other Z32s in Bahrain. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to feature more! 

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