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Title Holder: Jun Auto 300ZX Twin Turbo

260.8 Miles Per Hour.

Whats the fastest you've been in your Z32? Personally I've been around 155, but for fear of death or going to jail I let off. To me it felt fast and honestly it felt pretty scary. For those of you who have pushed your VG30DETT all the way to redline in 5th, more power to you. Now imagine with me if you can, pushing beyond that place where you let off... imagine the feeling of taking our iconic grand touring car to 260+ Miles Per Hour. It is at that speed that Japanese tuners Jun Auto pushed the platform to a world record 29 years ago. 

The Story on Jun

Junichi Tanaka, the son of a successful Tokyo machinist,  founded Jun Auto in 1980 as a division of his family owned business Tanaka Industrial Co. .Jun Auto was dedicated to the development of aftermarket parts and race cars, and located in the Nerima Ward of Tokyo. Throughout the 80's Jun was best known for producing performance parts for the Datsun L-Series engines in which rhey offered a 3.5L stroker and twin turbo kit.  In addition to high performance engine components Jun also produced body components for racing vehicles. 

 A Z for the Record Books

In 1990 three teams of Japanese Tuners brought three separate 300ZX Twin Turbos to Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats. During the 1990 trip Jun Auto's Z32 set the fastest time in the trio running 228.3 mph.

Jun returned in 1991 with a more aggressive build and went on to set the official Bonneville Record   for E Class/ Blown Gas Modified Sports (EGMS) with a recorded speed of 260.8mph.


According to articles as recent as 2019 it is said that this car is now setup with 1200hp and can be seen on the roads from time to time in Hiroshima Province.



Here is a feature of the Jun Auto 300ZX Twin Turbo from Option!

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