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Z32 Decals: The definitive list for USDM

In the past few months I have been working hard to produce high quality OEM Replicas of the engine bay and interior decals found on all years of the USDM Z32. As I began to gather up and design the decals I began to realize that there are many more decals than most would expect. 

Nissan Z32 expert Greg Lussier started to help me out by looking into the Nissan FAST program and his documents to show me which decals came on which years and models. Greg being the awesome guy he was decided that it would be a good idea to make a PDF that shows all of the OEM decals, their applicable years, and their OEM locations. 


Many of my customers have been asking about me producing a master kit that would provide all of the needed decals. As you can see by this document its really not that simple, instead I am focusing on providing a full catalog of replica decals. Hopefully this list will clarify which decals you need to restore your Z.  

As for myself, I better get back to designing! 

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  • Great site and great products! Keep it going!
    Bought a 1-owner 93-NA. Painted the calipers but want to know if you have made any caliper stickers? don’t want to spend time hand painting the NISSAN on each of the calipers.

    Thx and let me know.

    Peter M

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