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  • Z32 300ZX in Pop Culture: Wu Tang Clan- C.R.E.A.M.

    Nissan 300ZX in Wu Tang Clans Iconic C.R.E.A.M Music Video
  • Z32 300ZX in Pop Culture: Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation

      This Blog is part 2 of a series looking in depth at the use of the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo in Digital Media and Entertainment. Part one of this s...
  • Throwback Thursday: BLAZTR does 645hp on Zshack Dyno

  • Z32 300ZX in Pop Culture: Gran Turismo

    A look at the Nissan Z32 300ZX as they appeared throughout the Gran Turismo video game series.
  • Junkyard Treasures: Red Slicktop

    A fruitful junkyard adventure to grab parts from a 92' Slicktop.
  • Racer X: How a Turbo Z inspired a Billion Dollar Movie Franchise

    "A black Nissan 300ZX and a white Mitsubishi Starion pull out of the pack and creep up to the starting line. As the sun dances on the nearby river...
  • Addition of the Z32 300ZX to the Nissan Heritage Parts Program?

    Last week marked the three-year anniversary of the announcement of the program. At no point in time since has there been any official statement about the Z32 300ZX.

    Frankly, I feel that the Z community was being a little too optimistic, and the optimistic thoughts 2017 translate into pipe dreams in our 2020 reality.  There are several reasons why Heritage Collection parts for the 300ZX will never happen.

  • Taming the Beast: Suspension Upgrades

    I spent the last few weeks doing some much needed maintenance and upgrades to the suspension on BLAZTR.  I have had my eyes on a set of coilovers t...
  • How To: 300ZX Interior Switch Restoration

    Before Reading I suggest watching this video: Window Switch and Turn Signal Stalk Restoration has been a popular service among Blaster Z Customers...
  • 300ZX RS5R30A Transmission Repair and Replacement

    (Above,RSR530A Transmission opened up on the workbench.) Back in 2016 transmission began to get a nasty bearing whine. I hated the sound and was w...
  • Z32 Decals: The definitive list for USDM

    In the past few months I have been working hard to produce high quality OEM Replicas of the engine bay and interior decals found on all years of th...
  • 300ZX OEM Decals.

    Since the launch of my reproduction decals there has been several folks that have asked me about the position of the OEM decals. Although I am not...