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Blaster Z Garage Interview: Z32 Collector

Southern California has no shortage of clean Z32s, but if you ask around the Socal  Z32 community about who has the cleanest Z32s you are sure to hear the name Narbeh Shirvanian, also known as @Z32Collector:

Q: Narbeh would you like to introduce yourself?

A: I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Graduated from UCLA and later from Southwestern Law School. Passed the CA Bar exam on the first attempt and have worked in the legal field since 2005. Since 2012, I have served as the Managing Attorney and President of The Shirvanian Law Firm, APLC, a boutique law firm I founded which handles personal injury accident and wrongful death cases. I am a proud husband to my wife and proud father to my three kids (twin 4.5 year old girls and a 3.5 year old son). In addition to cars, I’m an avid watch collector and enthusiast, and love to camp with fellow outdoorsmen. I am a firm believer in giving back and paying it forward, so my family and I donate to various non-profit charitable organizations. 

Q: What was your earliest memory involving the Nissan 300ZX? What is it about the Z that attracts you to it?

A: I was hooked on the Z32 the first time I saw it at the LA Auto Show in 1990. From that moment on the dream began and the first drive in a Z was with my cousin whose aunt had a 90 2+2 that she bought brand new. We would have her take us to the arcade in her Z and the rest is history. My good friend is Sebastian Chacoff from Specialty Z. Our friendship dates back to the 90s. We have some amazing stories, memories, and friendships all because of the 300zx twin turbo platform. 

After having various 911 Porsches and other sports cars, once I became a Dad and had 3 car seats in all my cars the dream of owning a Z again and the opportunity to purchase my first z landed on my lap. I got lucky.

Q: Tell me about your first Z32?

A: One day in 2016 I believe I was working early in the office and we had closed a very big case. One of the biggest in my career. I thought to myself, “Narb, you just bought a watch to celebrate the birth of your twin girls, no more watches. But what about that Z that you never got in high school?” The search began, and I found an original 1996 300zx Twin Turbo with roughly 34k miles in mint condition selling out of a dealer in Texas that same day. A quick 30 minute phone call and a PPI at the Nissan Dealer in Texas later, a wire was made and the 1996 300zx Twin Turbo Silver on Black 5spd car was on a truck heading to be delivered in front of my house here in Los Angeles. I did not sleep until the car arrived. I documented the entire experience on video, and the day it rolled off the truck I was blown away on how clean and well preserved the car was. Thats the car started that started it all. My oldest friends that know me the best knew the significance of this special day. I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life. 

Q: What Z32s have you picked up along the way?

A: Along the way, most importantly, I have developed some special relationships in the Z community. I truly value those relationships and the trust the community places in me to be the next owner/caretaker of their valuable Z cars. The next car was a 1994 300zx Twin Turbo Aztec Red on Black with 21k miles. I was introduced to the owner by a fellow Z enthusiast, and that car delivered in July 2020. Since then, I thought to myself, how about I collect the cleanest examples Z cars I can find. And viola, @z32collector was born and now I am offered cars directly from sellers on the daily. Given my passion for these cars and the fact that I have connections to care for these cars and preserve them for the long run, My goal is to own the cleanest and most original examples. I am an active bidder on Bring A Trailer and participate in Z groups online. 

Q; What Zs are you looking for and how can you be reached?

A: Currently, there are a couple immediate deals that are in the works, a 1990 Nissan 300zx twin turbo and another 1996 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo to name a few. I hope to bring these examples home soon. I was inches away from a 1996 silver Commemorative 300zx Twin Turbo, but my good friend got it instead and I’m happy that she’ll be “in the family” nearby for us all to enjoy for years to come. 

I am looking for true mint condition, original examples, of any year, color, or combination of options. I love the z32 platform, but any Z from the 70’s to 96 is within my wheelhouse. Originality, condition, maintenance, and completeness are key factors for me. If the car is right, I’m ready to buy to add to my collection. One day, I will be having all cars in a private warehouse of mine and likely will serve as my corporate headquarters for my law firm too. Ultimate Man Garage/office! 

I am in active search for a mint  commemorative 300zx twin turbo from 1996 in any color since I just missed on one! (purple LP2 would be ideal). Looking for an SMZ in original condition too. But in all honesty, if anyone has a clean mint original example, I’d love the opportunity to be its next caretaker. 

I can be reached on Instagram @z32collector, via email Narbeh@shirvanianlawfirm.com, or via my law firm office phone (818) 835-5396. 

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