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  • Blaster Z Garage Interview: Z32 Collector

    Blaster Z Garage interviews @Z32Collector, the Southern California Z32 Collector who's on a countrywide search for mint condition Z32s.
  • Show and Go: Stroked and Boosted Z32 of Bahrain

    In previous blogs I spoke of the origins of why I call myself Blaster Z. To catch you up, I am an active duty explosive ordnance disposal technicia...
  • What do Japanese Sea Battles, Pearl Harbor, and the Nissan Z have in common?

    What does the Russo-Japanese War, Pearl Harbor and the 1969 arrival of the 240Z to US shores have in common? The International Maritime flag for the letter Z.
  • BLAZTR Build: Corona Blues

    BLAZTR build update: 99' Jspec Headlights, Zspeed shrouds, Powercoating, GFB Recircs, and CZP Full Flow Oil Cooler Kit.
  • 5 Red Flags to look out for before buying a Nissan 300ZX

    As the market price for Z32s continue to rise and more hit the market for sale, there are several things experienced enthusiasts should keep an eye...
  • Rising Sun: 1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX

    The benchmark prices of the top-tier models selling $40k and above leaves plenty of room for the average owner to be asking $20K+ for their cars should they choose to sell.  There is no doubt that the longer we hold on to these cars the more they will continue to grow in value. 
  • Title Holder: Jun Auto 300ZX Twin Turbo

    260.8 Miles Per Hour. Whats the fastest you've been in your Z32? Personally I've been around 155, but for fear of death or going to jail I let off...
  • JDM Goodness: Fairlady Z Dealer Brochure

    With all the time stuck at home recently I have been searching through the Japanese auction sites for cool Z32 memorabilia. When I found this JDM D...
  • Z32 300ZX in Pop Culture: 2nd II None- Didn't Mean to Turn You On

    This Blog is part 5 of a series looking in depth at the appearance of the Nissan 300ZX in Pop Culture and Entertainment. Part Four this series can ...
  • JDM Goodness: FairladyZ Owners Manual

    I was lucky enough to come across a good condition JDM Owners Manual from a JDM parts dealer in Australia. The manual is 80+ pages. I will be relea...
  • Z32 300ZX in Pop Culture: Easy E

    This Blog is part 4 of a series looking in depth at the appearance of the Nissan 300ZX in Pop Culture and Entertainment. Part three this series can...
  • Z32 300ZX in Pop Culture: Wu Tang Clan- C.R.E.A.M.

    Nissan 300ZX in Wu Tang Clans Iconic C.R.E.A.M Music Video