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BLASTR Build: Haltech Drive-By-Wire and Polar Top Feed Fuel Rails

Time has flown by since the last post. A lot of big upgrades since the fall as I continue to build the Z into my vision. 

Late last year I ordered a Haltech 2500 elite series ECU from CZP. I also ordered the Haltech Dual Wideband Controller and a new MAC valve to control boost pressure. Installing the Haltech was somewhat of a challenge for me, but I was able to get everything up and running. By the time I was done I had the Dual Widebands, Boost Control, E-fan Control, Drive-By-Wire and Flex Fuel all wired in and set up with the ECU. 

To keep with the black motif, I ordered a MAC valve mount from RaceArt and mounted it in the place where the OEM boost gauge sensor was. (Boost gauge was plumbed wrong in this photo)

Getting the Drive-By wire setup wasn't too bad I used a C6 Pedal Adaptor from LOJ Conversions, a DBW harness from Holley and a OEM LS3 DBW Throttle Body.


After I got all of that sorted I decided to upgrade from my AUS 1000cc side-feed injectors to Injector Dynamics 1050x top feeds by way of the Polar Engineering Top Feed Fuel rail kit. A huge draw for me to this kit was that it allowed me to upgrade to top-feed injectors without the need to remove and modify the lower intake. Install was straight forward and the fuel rail itself is a really gorgeous piece. I highly recommend it. 

 Once I got all of this stuff together it was time for tuning. Lucky for me SpecialtyZ is only 100 miles from home. In March I shipped the car up to SZ for tuning and some other minor work. Unfortunately for me, one of my Z1 GT525 turbos gave out on me. This was likely due to me accidentally letting the passenger side turbo eat a paper towel after I dropped the motor back in. An expensive lesson learned for me, make sure to double check that nothing has fallen into your piping before putting everything back together. 

 With the busted turbo I took the opportunity to upgrade turbos. The car is currently under the knife at SZ getting the GTX2860 turbo kit. After that install the car will be going on the rollers!


Stay tuned for our next installment to see how the Merlin Hi-Ram affects the powerband and how much power I make with the new turbos.






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