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BLAZTR Build: Untucking the battery and other small touches

When I bought my Z a few years ago it came with the battery already installed in the rear hatch. Aside from the "scene points" of a tucked bay this modification was not worth the trouble. In the years I've owned the car the following problems have arose from the previous owners hack work:
-Electrical fire when the hot wire got caught on passenger side turbo
-Pre-mature failure of alternator due to increased resistance along too small of wiring
-A total loss of vehicle power (In traffic) while driving due to a terminal coming loose from the cable.
-Slight glow of the battery light when the car is running.
For my safety and my mental health I decided it was time to finally put things back in a more OEM style fashion with the hopes of killing all bad vibes and gremlins and to also start back on my path to a more OEM aesthetic.
Heres how the engine bay looked before with the battery tuck and a few other tucks:
Parts ordered:
-OEM Style Battery Cable
-Replacement Battery Tray
-OEM Battery Hardware Kit
-OEM Dome Light Lens and Bulb (wait for the comparison picture)
- 2x OEM license plate bulb lenses
While I was waiting on the parts I ordered, I tackled my rusty headlight seal brackets. Removal wasn't very easy but the project still only took me about an hour. Basically I just removed the bezels, sanded them, and hit them with a few layers of SEM Trim Black Satin. I was shocked on how such a simple project made such a big difference on the appearance of the engine bay.
While untucking the battery I also decided to untuck my fusible link box, boost sensor, wiper relay and reinstalled my hood switch. The battery is once again in its original home and I found a nice new home for my boost controller. This week I will be reinstalling my cruise control.

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