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Z32 300ZX in Pop Culture: Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation


This Blog is part 2 of a series looking in depth at the use of the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo in Digital Media and Entertainment. Part one of this series can be found here.

Part 2:  Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation

Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation is the sequel to the original Chase HQ game launched in 1988. In the original Chase HQ the object of the game was to ram criminals vehicles with a Black Porsche 928 until the vehicle pulls over.



The object of S.C.I. is similar to the original Chase HQ,  however instead a Porsche 928 you now have a Red 300ZX Twin Turbo. In this game instead of ramming suspects off the road you have a trigger button on the steering wheel that controls a passenger who stands through the T-Tops and shoots at the fleeing suspect vehicle. Now who hasn't daydreamed about that?

My favorite things about this arcade game is that the Z reached speed over 230MPH, the crazy arsenal that fits inside the car, and the cut scenes that appear once you get the suspect vehicle to pull their flaming vehicle over.

Some Pure Early 90s Nostalgia!


Gameplay Footage of Chase HQ II: Special Criminal Investigation:

Stay Tuned for Part 3 as we look deeper into the 1990s and find our beloved Nissan 300ZX. 




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